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A Woman

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A Woman


Written: 1974

Writers: David Jenneson, Alan Hovden

Status: Recorded but unpublished

Genre and Style: Pop ballad

Comments: Dave: Al came up with the melody first and it was so simple I had a hard time keeping the lyrics plain, open and accessible. It has an unfulfilled longing which is universal. I’ve always imagined it as being sung by a young woman living in a rooming house having a drink alone and staring out her window on a summer’s night.

Comments: Al: I was living in a house with 3 woman when I wrote the melody… must have had something to do with my relating to them.


A woman

Do you care if there’s a woman?

Do you climb the stairs knowing

A woman

Could make your life shine?


Cause if you listen

There’s a heartbeat you’ve been missing

There’s a well that’s full of wishing

There’s a woman

With you on her mind


This warm spring night touches my shoulder

I walk from room to room

It seems so clear

All you fear

Is something you’ve never tried


A woman

Are you warm beside a woman?

Is your pride worth more than loving?

A woman

A woman

Are you so unkind?


The summer evening’s arms around me

Vermouth I’m sharing with the moon

The leaves turn slow

They touch the snow

And there’s something you’ve never tried.

A woman.

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