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Goodbye Holy Roller

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Goodbye Holy Roller


Written: 1971

Writers: David Jenneson, Alan Hovden, Peter Sinclair

Status: Unrecorded and unpublished

Genre and Style: Gospel Rock?

Comments: Dave: Goodbye Holy Roller arose out of Peter Sinclair’s inner religious conflicts with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It has a strong guitar riff, sophisticated melody and carefully crafted lyrics yet is a still a great dance song. I’ve always thought Wilson Picket should have recorded it. Imagine – Wilson Picket delivering a stinging indictment to Jehovah’s Witness hypocrisy and brainwashing of their members with a great black blues rock song while still rocking the house down. Something worth striving after.



You say you get a special feeling

Each and every time you pray

You say you get a new emotion

Every time you turn your head away

You say I’m just a hopeless sinner

And I’m Armageddon bound

You say get your ass on the right side

On the day the deal goes down.


But when they pin you up in Nazareth

I’ll be there to watch the show


I’ll be there to watch the show


I’ll be there so

Goodbye goodbye goodbye Holy Roller


You talk about a day of judgment

When you’re gonna make the guilty pay

You say you’ve got to spread the good news

I never listen to a word you say

You love to wear your Sunday best

And look down on the rest

You can’t stop yourself from preaching

You think your life is blessed.


And when you put the run on Jesus

I’ll be glad to see you go


I’ll be glad to see you go


I’ll be glad so

Goodbye goodbye goodbye Holy Roller.

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