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I'm An Old Rock And Roll Star

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I'm An Old Rock And Roll Star


Written: 1970

Writers: David Jenneson, Alan Hovden,

Status: Unrecorded and unpublished

Genre and Style: Chuck Berry Inspired Rock’n Roll



I’m an old rock and roll star

And I never made it very far,

But I get me a yen

Go out and do it again

On my Rickenback guitar

Jump onto the stage

Rock into a rage

And put some whiskey back in my jar


I was very very good at the blues

And my boogie runs got into the news

My sweet bars of sixteen

Were so exceedingly clean

They exploded in the soles of your shoes

And the kid on guitar

Played like a be bop in fire

Just like the kid’s gonna play it for you.


I’m an old rock and roll star

And I never made it very far

And now my time’s getting on

My guitar I did pawn

And my voice is like gravel and tar

But oh with such ease

The ol’ crowd I did please

Yes I like it when they know who you are


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