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Love Makes It Easy

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Love Makes It Easy


Written: 1975

Writers: David Jenneson, Alan Hovden

Status: Recorded but unpublished

Genre and Style: Dark Pop Ballad

Comments: Dave: Love Makes It Easy is like Burt Bacharach conducting a personal therapy session. The carefully crafted commercial pop melody contrasts with verses about people ending their lives over love and it is followed by a a big chorus appealing against it. Ultimately it is about having the courage to use the power of love as a healing force no matter how much it hurts.

Comments: Al: I never was crazy about this song but everyone else seems to like it. Pete told me how much he liked the song recently and I respect his opinion so what do I know?


People pick a gun to cool themselves

And love makes it easy

They’d never be so cruel to someone else

But love makes it easy

Yes love makes it easy

You can turn your love on yourself

Or turn it on to somebody else


So dance

Dance to the sky, the highest mountain

Roll in the deep blue sea

Oh baby love,

Love is a fire

Can you really turn it on to me?

Really turn it on to me?

Because together baby we can be

High as the highest mountain


People think it’s hard to give themselves

Love makes it easy

If you try to live for someone else

Love makes it easy

Yes love makes it easy

You don’t have to cool yourself

If you’re cool with somebody else


And people pick a gun to cool themselves ….


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