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The Big O

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 4 months ago

The article in the North Shore News and your on line book brought back a flood of memories from the ‘best time of my life’ 1969-1974. There was of course my lowest point following a divorce, which included a two week stay at the Olympic Hotel in about 1970. I recall that they refused to serve me in the coffee shop because they thought I was a Narc. I wrote the following poem one night while staring at the ceiling and listening to the brutal thump of the bed upstairs and the periodic weeping and wailing of a drunken hooker. I also remember the loud music… It wasn’t my finest hour.


Olympic Hotel Rm 9


There’s a drop

from my ceiling

up there


the paper’s peeling


I wonder where it comes from

Up yonder above the glum


It drips

Through a headline

up there


old paper’s hang


I ponder where it comes from

And fonder love the slum


It drips

from a feeling

up there


the sky is kneeling…


Jim Cathcart, North Vancouver

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