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What Did I Do Wrong

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What Did I Do Wrong?


Written: 1971

Writers: David Jenneson, Alan Hovden,

Status: Unrecorded unpublished

Genre and Style: Pop

Comments: Dave: This is a melodic up-tempo pop love song with a George Harrison feel and some Eastern drum influences. It has some real sadness to it. The lyrics are very tight with strong internal rhyme and it has the verse-chorus structure where verse and chorus have the same melody, making it extremely catchy.

Comments: Al: I’ve tried to recreate this in a modern setting but have never been able to duplicate it. Wish I had the original recording.


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What Did I Do Wrong

Vocals - Al Hovden



Morning breaking I was giving

Making you my song

What did I do wrong?


You were taking for a living

Leaving it so long

What did I do wrong?


Oh I did not want to see

Blind men wait so patiently

Waiting, wanting

For the one thing

It would take to make you love


You are leaving me this evening

Never letting on

What did I do wrong?


Can you see me disbelieving

Standing in the dawn

What did do wrong?


Trying to think of what to say

Ask you for another day

Leaving me can’t be so easy

I can’t see what I forgot to be


Through my window thunder breaking

All across the dawn

What did I do wrong?


Waiting for you I’m mistaking

All who come along

What did I do wrong?


Certain ones I pull aside

See them hiding their surprise

Of my past I always ask them

If at last that I could know

Ah please

What could it be?

What did I do wrong?

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