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Anthology -The Burner Song Book

Page history last edited by Al Hovden 5 years, 4 months ago
**Anthology** **The Burner Song Book** This is a partial list of the song catalogue written by David Jenneson, Al Hovden and Peter Sinclair between the years 1970 and 2005. There are many more but these particular songs were born of the relationship between the three writers, and mostly from David and Al’s relationship, as they were there from the beginning to the end. Most of songs listed here were not recorded or were recorded in demo form. Many were published but not released and in most cases those publishing rights have reverted again to the writers. The songs that were released by artists, of course, have been signed over to the publishers of those projects. Where there are recordings available, they will be included with the songs. All songs have been registered with PROCAN, the Canadian royalty organization. [A+Band+is+a+Beautiful+Thing|A Band is a Beautiful Thing] A Woman Baby Louise Bald Headed Baby Blue Telegram Cowboy Island Don’t You Dream of the Loves You Had Yesterday Down to the Sea in Tears Dreams of Gold Get It On Get On the Right Side of Love Go With The Feeling Going West Again Golden Lady Goodbye Holy Roller Greaseball Heaven Happy to Say I Do I\'m An Old Rock And Roll Star I Deliver Chicken I Need You I Never Really Knew Just Like That Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Lady Be Land of the Northern Lights Lighthouses Down The Coast Love Makes It Easy Methadrine Malaysia Melody Dance Minimum Motion Metal Man Old Angel Midnight Old Fashioned Blues Play it For Your Friends Red Planet Mars Rock ‘n Roll Women Roll Away Romance in the Age of the Ray Gun Six Feet Under Water So Ramble On Shadow of the Rock Traveling with My Creole Belle Television You Fucked Me in the Asshole of My Heart What Did I Do Wrong?

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